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Frances Gonzalez

President, Vegan Wines

Frances is an experienced professional in the wine industry from New York, New York. As a wine expert, she currently serves as President of Vegan Wines, a completely vegan-friendly wine club. Vegan Wines was founded in 2017 and focuses on providing members with information on the taste, style, quality and region of each hand-picked wine, as well as the history and winemaking process provided by the vineyard owners and winemakers themselves. The wine club does not simply provide wine, but offers an in-depth and personal experience with each bottle that fosters an intimate experience for each member.
As a diverse professional, Frances is also a Wine Importer and Distributor for Despacito Distributors. In this role, she helps select a variety of plant-based wines from a wide array of regions including France, Italy, California, Finger Lakes, and Chile. Each selection is offered at wholesale on
Working with both Vegan Wines and Despacito Distributors has allowed Frances to gain a nuanced expertise within the Wine industry. However, her background delves deeper, as she is also a member of the Women of the Vine & Spirits, where she assists in the coordination of events that support an environment for women engagement in the Wine industry.
Frances also has extensive experience in the Vegan industry, having founded VegFest Puerto Rico, a festival that focuses on creating a community to enjoy a variety of food and products that are vegan-friendly.