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Session 1: 15 May 2018

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Welcome and Keynote

Stephen Fahy, Senior Buyer, The Wine Library will open up the ABID Conference.

The Distributor’s Dilemma: Your Checklist and How To Solve One Problem at a time

Your import and distribution business, as it exists in a largely capitalist economic environment will exert pressures on you, causing you to react and develop. How you cope and change with those pressures will determine how well you succeed. It’s helpful to start out by looking at the environment you currently occupy and how those pressures become primary motivators to how you run your business.

In this session, Bill will make you the MDB (Master of Distribution Business) and cover important touch points of your business and how to tackle one problem at a time.

Want to Import or Distribute yourself? Get Ready For These Challenges In Your First 365 Days

So you have the desire to start your import company? Going out on your own is ambitious, but many people fail to actually calculate the real investment in time and money needed to build a profitable import company. In this session, you will get learn the challenges that you will face in the first 365 days of your business. Are you really ready for that?

Distributor's Business Legal Checklist

Whether you are planning on starting a new importation and distribution company or if it already exists, it is important to address some key business matters to ensure it is successful. Join Donna as she discusses important topics every business owner should consider and understand when working in the beverage alcohol industry.

Session 2: 15 May 2018

Straight Talk With The Buyer: Stephen Fahy Senior Buyer, The Wine Library (Retailer)

In this Q and A session, we ask the buyer (The Retailer) direct questions. Questions like how distributors can train their reps, most effective merchandising that works in retail, elevator pitch for a new brand, how to help them when brands do not sell, how to get a floor display, how to build a strong relationship with them and more.

Being Operationally Efficient In Your Import and Distribution Business

Depletion reports, supplier kickbacks, credit terms, sales incentives, portfolio building, portfolio management, warehouse management, inventory management - a crash course on being a better operator of your import and distribution business.

Building Resiliency: Managing Industry Changes in Wine Shipping & Logistics

Industry changes in the ocean shipping and domestic transportation sectors can add unpredictability to your supply chain if you are not prepared for them. In this session, Jessica will talk about specific logistics strategies to protect your supply chain in this new normal of growing port congestion, reduced truck capacity, rate volatility, and more.

Digital People Are Real People

From the perspective of the retailer, large distributors are faceless organizations with an ever-changing cast of under-informed sales folk. Strong relationships are the keys to our businesses and how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Yet from the limited social media presence of most small and mid-sized importers and distributors, it’s clear many are neglecting a very strong method for real relationship building.

In this session, Alyssa Wolf, Owner of the Red Wolf Imports shares their insights on they sell more cases using social media.

Session 3: 16 May 2018

Recruiting and Retaining Talented People

In today’s fast paced world filled with ambitious, upward looking employees, companies will live and die by their recruiting and training. This talk with walk you through the quandary of attracting talented employees while also retaining your best talent for many years to come. We are only as strong as the team we have out in the field and there is a science behind building that team. Learn how to stay relevant, how to become desirable and what it takes to have a company people want to work for!

Millennials in the Wine Marketplace

With the final millennials having just turned 21, millennials are now the largest consumers of wine in the US. Their tastes and preferences are completely different from the traditional baby boomer consumers, brand loyalty isn't strong and the opportunity for obscure grapes, countries, and styles is very well received.

The key is in the messaging and delivery to capture millennials attention and in my talk I will walk through the millennial mindset on consuming, what they look for in their purchases, and creating brand loyalty.

Running Lean and Real Tactics

In this talk Donna Pace, Founder and President of Gathering Harvests, Connecticut talks about some real tactics that she has used in her distribution business to stay profitable and grow consistently. She will break the session into purchasing, sales, shipping, hiring reps and how collaborating with brand partners can save cost. A must attend session if you are a 5-10 people company and trying to do everything by yourself.

Session 4: 16 May 2018

What Does a Wine Rep Really Want and How My Boss Can help Me Succeed

Your field sales reps are your direct connection to the marketplace. Their success is enabled through timely, accurate, and easily accessible information, as well as seamless communication with the back office. Learn what sales tools and processes are key to helping them meet their sales goals.

Success Formula For Importers and Distributors To Get Into National Restaurant Chains

Sharyn Kervyn who is the CSW Wine Director at The Capital Grille, which is one of the leading American restaurant chain of upscale steakhouses shares her insights on how can importers and distributors get into on-premise chains.

How Importers and Distributors Can Pitch into Cruise Lines and Airlines

Myths busted on how the buying of wine, beer, and spirits work at cruises and airlines and how you can grow your business in this channel.